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Applications and effects of sucrose esters in chocolate products


* Sweet chocolate, milk chocolate and chocolate coatings in candies and cakes.



* Sucrose esters can reduce the chocolate stickiness for easy shaping.
* They can prevent crystallization of cocoa butter or sugar, avoid surface frosting, and improve surface smoothness.
* They can improve the heat resistance of chocolate and avoid oil exudation.
* They can prevent moisture absorption.
* They can decrease the thermoregulation temperature and prevent thickness increase during thermoregulation.
* They can improve taste, weaken chocolate’s strong bitter flavor by fully mixing sugar, cocoa fat and protein, make a delicate and uniform taste and improve the feel of melt in mouth.


Recommended grades and dosage

* For chocolate products, use SE1 ~ 5 and dosage of 0.2 ~ 0.3%.
* For chocolate coatings, use SE1 ~ 5 and dosage of 0.4 ~ 0.5%.


Application Recommendations

* Mix sucrose esters with sugar powder, then add other ingredients and mix.
* Sucrose esters are suitable to be blended with lecithin and used in chocolate.

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